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Purchasing flow and Supply Chain organized and under control.


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Once all feedbacks concerning RFQ are done, and once domestic audits are performed and achieved with a positive result, a shortlist of suppliers is issued.

Beyond the essential economical angle of any project, our selection goes to Suppliers who :
- are able to answer quickly and in a professional manner to given specifications,
- know and master International standards and procedures of Quality (CE, TUV, ISO …)
- listen to Customers’ advices and requirements, and will mid to long term relationships to be implemented.

In addition to those issues, we pay a particular attention during our audits to questions of Ethics in business relationship and in manufacturing units, especially about the age of workers and working laws applied in the Country of sourcing (A specific clause about it is written in our Purchasing Contracts with our Suppliers).
Regular visits and audits to local factories we work with help us checking reliability, professionalism and stability of our Manufacturers.
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