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Purchasing flow and Supply Chain organized and under control.


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Once Customers’ priorities are settled, we focus on our knowledge and our experience of international and Asian markets to look for the most convenient and efficient domestic factories to manufacture our products - end-products, semi-finished products or products according to Customers’ specifications. We prepare, follow and monitor the corresponding RFQ (Requests For Quotation).

Temporary suppliers or « one-shot » suppliers – « 1 P/O, 1 delivery, end of the relationship » - are not key targets for us, even if this request can be done by some of our Customers. We first look for Suppliers who are able to bring us safety in our purchases through their professional mind, their skills and their flexibility.

Thus, with help of our Asian network, our priority of sourcing goes to manufacturers who are used to work with European or American firms, who are able to match to our quality, our costs and our flexibility requirements and who can offer the most competitive ratios of price and quality.
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